Ta boo or not ta boo

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I don’t believe in taboos. Yet, the “TA BOO or not TA BOO” necklace gives the choice of being worn according to the personal attitude towards the subject in question. A snake and a (forbidden!) fruit hang by the opposite ends of a chain. The chain connects them, while keeping them at a distance from each other- characters of a partially pre-decided faith. 

The silver chain slides, through jump rings, following the neck- shaped contour of a silver bar, open at front. The snake and the apple may be kept at a distance from each other, submitting to their taboo- story. They may also be hanging at the same height, next to each other- as a compromise. Or you can make them meet and touch, breaking therefore together their taboo destiny. “TA BOO or not TA BOO”...- it’s really up to each of you.

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